Podiatry for Sport

“All professional athletes see a podiatrist… So why should you be any different?”

Podiatrist, Sports

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Pain in any part of the body is debilitating and can stop us from doing the things we want. Podiatrists treat a lot of different types of pain to get you moving again.

Performance and movement are priorities for anyone doing sport. All professional runners, footballers and dancers regularly see a podiatrist, so why should you be any different?

If you suffer from pain from new or old injuries, or an imbalance in your foot or knee, then early treatment will help prevent further damage and future surgery.

By collaborating with other healthcare professionals, we aim to alleviate pain and disability to improve patient outcomes.

Podiatrists are THE experts in foot health. They help children, athletes, the chronically ill and older Australians enjoy better lives with healthy feet.