We’re so excited to highlight the fantastic support we’re receiving from organisations such as Diabetic Foot Australia. They are well and truly connected to the work Podiatrists do. Our #FootHealthMonth campaign isn’t just about aches and pains, fungals and ingrowns. You’ll have seen on our posters the alarming stat – 4,400 diabetic related amputations occur every year in Australia. And a seriously larger percentage of those are foot and lower limb amputations. It is so important to #FindAPodiatrist early. #FootHealthExperts can give preventative care as a part of a multi-disciplinary team. Our mutual goal with Diabetic Foot Australia is to improve foot health.

Check out what Diabetic Foot Australia has to offer on their site: https://www.diabeticfootaustralia.org/

Here’s an eblast they sent today to their huge network!